Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Welcome Beth!

Molly and I are so happy to welcome fellow dance artist Beth Loughran to Surface Area Dance Theatre, 3 is the magic number!

Beth was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, her passion for dance and theatre was evident at a young age, Beth's love of the arts lead her to pursue a professional training in dance, focusing upon ballet and contemporary based techniques, while remaining passionately interested in contact improvisation, folk and social dances. After graduating Beth left Newcastle upon Tyne to further her training, leading to periods of research and creative development in London, Spain and New York. Beth's more recent journey directed her to Germany. During her time in Germany Beth explored the depths of true expressionism, performing dance theatre work based in Düsseldorf, this influencing her practice greatly and confirmed her love of theatricality. Beth's more recent engagement was with Cote-a-Cote Theatre Company, performing in many of the well known London theatres . The Hard Sell is Beth's first experience of working with Surface Area Dance Theatre, performing with long standing company members Nicole Vivien Watson and Molly Hodkinson, whom welcome Beth wholeheartedly to the company. 


Beth Loughran said...

I am so excited to have been invited to dance for Surface Area Dance Theatre! I
> have wished to do so since I graduated near to when the company first formed so I feel
> very proud to be part of the company for The Hard Sell. I have followed the
> company throughout its history and have even been lucky enough to catch one of
> their New York performances. Surface Area has really influenced and supported my
> development as a dance artist thanks to their creative work but also to the
> professional development that has been on offer over the years provided for all
> by the company. I am now looking forwards to the challenges ahead in The Hard
> Sell and also to be able to be back in such a theatrically and expressively
> driven process. I'm sure I will discover a whole treasure chest of experiences
> whilst working with Nicole and Molly.

Beth Loughran said...

Wow! What a day in rehearsal with Surface Area Dance Theatre. I loved it! Very exciting and fulfilling. I am very happy to be doing this work. Beth